20 Jun 2015

Ponytail / Do Whatever You Want, All The Time (lost 21st century classic review #1)

Upon research, this review has been a long time coming. Ponytail's 3rd studio album, released in 2012 never made it into the charts due to its unpopular sound and was therefore bypassed by the media. It's hard not to be enveloped in the joyous noise of Ponytail's music, a word often used to describe their work, and with good reason. But that dichotomy is where Ponytail finds their meaning.

The first track on the album, entitled Easy Peasy works in the same way as all of their opening tracks. It begins with a moment of anticipation, where the members gradually layer each element to create the overall sound function. Much like the numerous pairs of socks you put on before venturing out into the snow - the most layers you wear, the more comfort you feel. This "layered" approach Ponytail used effectively created a welcoming feel to their mismatched sound.

The abstract noise, vocal yelps, the giddily plaited guitar lines, the galloping drum patterns -- the song only develops further into a maniacal glee, where the tempo constantly stop-starts, it never reaches an even meter, and ultimately races breathlessly to the finish line with an immense pace at the end.

The child-like tendency to avoid consistent pattern, and keep the audience guessing is what makes this album feel so alive. Couple that with the natural exuberance that bleeds out of the playing, you are instantly lost in the infectious indulgence of Ponytails music.

With that being said, the lyric-less album allows the audience to engage in their own self-expression by following the feelings of the lead, Molly Siegel. You can almost feel Siegel ridding herself of anger and stress throughout the album and allows the the audience to do the same, making every moment of the album that little more enjoyable.

Do What You Want, All the Time is simply 36 minuets of ruckus noise you cannot help but fall in love with.
I would encourage everyone to loose themselves in the Fantasia Land that is Ponytail.