17 Jun 2015

Ratboy / Sign On (single review)

Self proclaimed 'Essex boi' Jordan Cardy, otherwise known as 'Rat Boy' channels his inner social disgust, and angst, as well as, what only can explained as underling happiness in his first single Sign On. The 'rattiness' or rather scattiness of the single is illustrated in Rat Boy's use of random guitar melodies, synths, and the Mighty Booshlike cover art. The very sound of this single mimics what only can be described as rebellious (it is not impossible to imagine Cardy running the streets of Essex with a flare in one hand, and a guitar in the other). However far fetched,  the eclectic nature of Rat Boy's first release, seems to work in cliched harmony, and makes Cardy seem like a Slaves-esque larger than life character.

The title track Sign On, is about exactly that 'signing on', whilst the more narrative second side of the single describes a mugging. They, 'left him for dead, that's what the paper said', Cardy raps. lyrics such as 'I need to nip up the co- op, it's just down the road, I think they've got a working cash machine', are exactly the kind of repetitious chants worth remembering.

Comparisons to the likes of Jamie T and Mike Skinner should not be dismissed as 'copy cat claims' rather as an apt description of Rat Boy's inspiration.  It is exactly this kind of raw rap-indie crossover - like music that is turning the heads of today's teens, and then filtering it's way through large record companies, and Cardy is now already attracting the interest of LA big wigs. All in all a 'stuff the Tories'  British attitude, an eclectic, but intelligent mash of instruments and lyrics relatable to it's already huge teenage audience is what seems to be spurring on listeners in appreciation over the first taste of Rat Boy.  Hitting up the festival circuit this year, I look forward to seeing more of what this 18 year old has to offer to today's alternative scene. He could just be a flash in the pan, but this single shows enough signs of brilliance that he could be a big name in music, if he continues along this path.