23 Jun 2015

The Denim Turtles @ Springboard festival (live review)

An up and coming, four piece indie-rock band based in Hull feature four young men making their mark in the music industry.

One of their most recent gigs at the Springboard Music Festival supported their debut EP due to be released at the end of July 2015.

A typically raucous performance in front of an eager crowd, in an intimate atmosphere adds up to an excellent evenings entertainment for everyone present.

The Denim Turtles hit the stage at 8pm sharp and it was clear from the first minuet the Turtles were up for a rocking good time as they laid into their first track Mrs Know It All Three guitarists and a drummer; paired with vocals created the perfect indie-rock feel the audience were longing to hear. This track set the audience up for what was an hour of pure indie bliss, enabling the audience to fully connect with the music.

Whether you were a long time indie-rock fan or new to the indie community, The Denim Turtles captured the feel of each song so well, it was hard not to love what you were hearing.

The small stage size created a few problems as the drummer, Will Evans' drum sticks went flying however the music continued to flow with a professional feel and the humour caused by this incident create a loving, family feel between the boys that was great to see from the audience. The homemade feel made the set that much more pleasurable and created an overwhelming sense of connection between the band and the audience.

As the evening progressed the Turtles treated us to a Libertines cover upon request of an audience member. This goes to show how the band has an immense connection with their audience, particularly on this evening which consisted of people in the 16-24 age group. Which, I'm guessing, was perfect for them as the young men themselves felt comfortable on stage and therefore comfortable conversing with their audience in between songs.

This united energy created on stage was certainly matched by the energy in the crowd. Everyone seemed to know the the covers, dancing and singing along whilst also enjoying the newer songs written by the Turtles themselves.

Make no mistake, The Denim Turtles are the real deal. They do remind me of the rock music my parents spoke of so fondly and still reminisce of today. They have the energy and attitude of old school rock bands mixed with a modern indie twist. They're most certainly a band I'd be very happy to get out to see again anytime!