21 Jun 2015

The south coast has one of the best music scenes in the UK and here's a playlist to prove it

You might not know it, but the general south coast region, i.e. the Southampton/Portsmouth area literally has one of the best music scenes in the entire country. I know it won't per se be the most local music scene to you, and that's cool and stuff, but there are some bands on this playlist that you've really gotta check out regardless of where you live.

To prove my point about the south coast being the best scene in the world, I put together a soundcloud playlist that's got all my favourites and then some, but it would be kinda dumb to just go put up 90 minutes of music you've never heard without any explanation.

The first six songs are by who are probably by my favourite six bands around the area, so they should grab you straight away and help you get into the scene. Melt Dunes are my absolute favourites (so they kick the playlist off), and when they play live their spaced-out US pysch sound turns into a brilliant, sprawling spectacle - it's so bizarre that they're not huge. Similarly, my second favourites, SwordZZZ are a noise-rock outfit that take what the Jesus and Mary Chain did in 1984, and pulling it into the modern day via space-rock, post-rock, and punk-rock. The track here is brilliant, but it doesn't quite capture the intensity of their live show, which is in itself, really something.

Then you've got the city's finest out-and-out indie-rock band FEVER (joined later on the playlist by the likes of Bel Esprit and Howland), who are such a solid outfit that you should at least give a go. Then Rickyfitts and Battery Hens make some incredible noisy grunge-influenced grebo rock, that I'm stiiiill yet to catch live - but both bands are genuinely fantastic on record and you can't ignore their venomous brilliance. And RA! who are kinda like psych-tinged folk rock I guess, but it's difficult to pin them down to one genre. Oh and don't forget about Funcrusher, who like, whilst they're really not for everyone, guitar-pedal-driven one-man-sound-scape is exhibited here at it's finest, and I know I at least love it.

The rest of the playlist yr gonna have to listen to yourself, but I'm pretty sure that to most the people reading it, the majority of you will find some stuff you absolutely love, so check it out here ;

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(written by calum cashin)