23 Jun 2015

Wolf Alice / MY LOVE IS COOL (album review)

MY. LOVE. IS. COOL. The long awaited debut album from London's very own Wolf Alice. MLIC is an explosive 50 minutes of a combination of genres and styles, all wrapped up and held together rowdy guitars and bewitching vocals.

Layers of haunting vocals and drawn out synths open the album, with Turn To Dust immediately displaying the diversity that this band possess. Old classic Bros doesn’t sound out of place amongst all the new tracks, having been re-recorded for this album with the addition of a new chorus and extra backing vocals. You’re A Germ is where the recognisable grungey sound kicks in, with an undertone of a mighty FUCK YOU to whoever this was written about. Lisbon and Silk take you back to the days of White Leather and Wednesday, with ethereal vocals and dreamy guitars that continue to show off the mass variety within MLIC

Reminiscent, in its bridge section, of bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Swallowtail sees Joel (Amey) take on the role of lead vocalist. “It’s not right/But it’s too late for that now/Swallow fear and head straight down into the ground.” At first you think it’s a gentile, calm track, with gentle drums being heard on the second verse, but this is Wolf Alice, so surprises can be expected. Just before the end of the track a wall of sound crashes through, layers upon layers of scuzzy guitars and feedback meet thrashing drums, truly making this song one of the best they have ever released. 

A re-recorded version of Fluffy is the penultimate track, before The Wonderwhy closes it all with Wolf Alice’s signature sound present for every single second. There are catchy guitars, echoing the Fluffy riffs, layers of ‘aah’s’ under Ellie’s vocals that sound as captivating as ever and an essence of 90’s teenagers intertwined throughout. The final surprise on this album comes after the end of The Wonderwhy; in the form an acoustic track entitled My Love Is Cool which finishes the album off perfectly. 

From a personal perspective, this album is everything I could have hoped for and more. From a musical perspective, it’s diverse, exciting and fresh and every song sounds like it could be on a soundtrack for a 90’s film. With a headline show at Brixton Academy almost sold out, and a phenomenal debut album to their name, I have no doubt that Wolf Alice will sky rocket, and they don’t half deserve it. 


Words: Poppy Marriott