15 Jul 2015

5 albums to still come out in 2015 that could easily be our album of the year

Okay, so we just announced that our album of the year was My Love Is Cool by Wolf Alice, and whilst god, that's a brilliant album, it's still not the complete package, really. I mean, there's still some albums to come that I think may just be tonnes better than anything we've already heard this year. To Pimp A Butterfly is probably the most forward thinking, innovative record we've heard all year, but even that, with the releases that some artists have planned could quite easily be toppled.
But maybe first read our albums of the year so far post

Sun Coming Down - Ought
Due: 18th September
Last year Ought put out their debut album More Than Any Other Day, and well, it was just about the best debut of the year (although Poppy wouldn't let me put it ahead of Eagulls or The Wytches on our end of year list). Full of quirky, post-modern-leaning lyrics, deeply hypnotic rhythms, and slowly building song structures, it was such an interesting album, and even though all the songs were 6 minutes long, they fly by like nothing else you've ever heard. Now, they're back, with Sun Coming Up, their sophomore record. They've showcased Beautiful Blue Sky in every live set they've played this past year, so logically it was the first track for them to share online; and here it is - a driving NEU!-meets-sad-David-Byrne masterpiece that spans 8 hectic minutes of uncertainty, that seems to challenge notions of the everyday in the same way that last year's song Today More Than Any Other Day does.
Will it definitely be any good? This is one release I can say with certainty will be amazing, the first song is great, the band are incredible, and there's no reason to suggest this won't be a good follow-up to their debut.
What songs do we know will be on it? Full tracklist was announced; Men For Miles, Passionate Turn, The Combo, Sun's Coming Down, Beautiful Blue Sky, Celebration, On The Line, Never Better

Is the is are - DIIV
Due: September/October
OK, so unlike Ought, DIIV haven't been particularly productive in the studio over the past couple of years, because by the time that this album comes out, it'll have been THREE YEARS since they released any new music. What's cool though, is that they've managed to maintain a devoted fanbase despite any controversy, and their new album is awaited really eagerly despite it's shitty confusing title. This album will probably contain more of the same as Oshin, and whilst I'm sure they want to be a bit more ambitious, DIIV keeping their same Oshin sound will by no means be a bad thing (here's a good pointer as to why, our Oshin review). Whatever Cole Smith and co go for,
Will it definitely be good? It should be really good, but it might also be really shit. Their sound was really unremarkable at Field Day, and the oldies stood out, but there's some brilliant tracks floating around YouTube.
What songs do we know will be on it? Probably along the lines of; Dust, Waste of Breath, Bendy, Doused pt. II, Dopamine, Under the sun, Out of Mind, Incarnate Devil & Loose Ends
[there is no cover art announced or songs released from this record yet]

SWISH - Kanye West
The follow-up to Yeezus, one of Kanye's most divisive records yet is expected to drop this year, although no one knows when. It's set to feature the likes of Paul McCartney (good ol' Kanye, giving underground artists a break, eh?), Bruno Mars, and Sia (amongst others). If I'm honest, the singles so far haven't wowed me, in the way the singles from some of his other albums are wow-ing, but really, this man is a genius responsible for some of the greatest albums of all time, so we'll just let him do his thing and give the final product a spin when it's finally out.
Will it definitely be good? I have no idea. It could potentially be average, dull and mediocre, or it could potentially be life changingly good. Who knows?
What songs do we know will be on it? Genius.com is banking on it being something like this; Wolves, New Life, All Day, Piss On Your Grave, A long wait, Want it all, Feel Like That, Can You Be Real, Touch, Owe Us, Interrupt the party, Always, Remember How, Only One & Say Anything with the possibility of FourFiveSeconds and God Level also being involved. It also volunteers this as a probable bit of cover art.

Anthems For Doomed Youth - The Libertines
Due: September 4th
The Libertines' first album in well over a decade, this was announced after the band's third and most successful attempt at a reunion. It takes it's name from a work of Wilfred Owen, and - I'll bolster my point by saying the lead single is named after a Rudyard Kipling poem - it seems kinda like the literature the band are referencing is getting less and less over your head; the constant Wilde and Stoppard references have been tossed aside for stuff I've definitely done at GCSE - all this means that LP4 is going to be the best Very Hungry Caterpillar tribute going. But in all seriousness, the band seem serious about this record, they're clean, they're working happily together again, and even if this record is shit, we'll always have the old stuff.
Will it definitely be very good? No, in all probability it won't be worth the hype... but you never know, it could be a classic.
What songs are going to be on it? The official tracklist reads like Barbarians, Gunga Din, Fame and Fortune, Anthem for doomed youth, You're My Waterloo, Belly of the Beast, Iceman, Heart of the Matter, Fury of Chonburi, The Milkman's Horse, Glasgow Coma Scale Blues, Dead For Love

Anthems For Doomed Youth Libertines Album Cover.jpg

Due: September 4th
FIDLAR are now notorious for their live shows being furious, uncompromising warzones, and even though you'd assume their main target audience was just pretentious indie types that listen only to Burger Records and have some kind of weed poster in their suburban home, they're actually going quite a long way to appeal to fans of hardcore and punk. They've released a couple of songs from their second record, and whilst it's more of the same, if FIDLAR can actually apply their live mayhem to a record THIS WILL BE BRILLIANT.
Will it definitely be good? It'll definitely be fun, it could be great and a lot of fun, and it could be a mess and a lot of fun. Who knows?
What songs are going to be on it? Official tracklist reads a little like this; 40oz on repeat, Punks, West Coast, Why Generation, Sober, Leave Me Alone, Drone, Overdose, Hey Johnny, Stupid Decisions, Bad Medicines, Bad Habits.

[written by calum cashin]