19 Jul 2015

Battery Hens / Guts (EP review)

Guts EP cover art

Portsmouth-based band Battery Hens are one of the local scenes finest bands, and for that matter, one of the angriest. Guts is not only their second EP, and one of my favourite local releases of the year, but it's DEFINITELY the best thing I've ever won in a raffle (check this gig review because of it's said raffle).

The first three songs on this showcase the Battery Hens we know and love; Fuck Things is a frighteningly angry 140 second burst of visceral grunge, and Towards the Sun is an equally furious punk song - on both, the band I'd compare them both to would be Brighton-based grunge outfit The Wytches, but even noisier and even more hate-filled.

But the last two songs of the EP, DNR and Stuck are where Battery Hens venture into uncharted territory. DNR's 5 minute duration begins with trademark Battery Hens punk rock, which slowly blends into a tense, shoegaze-inspired atmosphere as the song kinda bleeds out to the spoken repetitive phrase 'do not resuscitate' in a way that's almost soothing and relaxing, which is not something you'd expect from a Battery Hens record.

Similarly Stuck adds to the EP by being a 7 minutes of noise that's a nice halfway point between the energy of the first three songs and the (still pretty gruesome) dream-pop of DNR. It's what I'd say was the perfect way to end the Guts EP, which is the most promising release yet by one of the south's most promising bands.


Battery Hens' GUTS EP is available here from bandcamp as either an mp3 download, or as a CD that comes with stickers and a DVD and a lyric book. Get yours here

(written by calum cashin)