23 Jul 2015

Cold Ocean Lies / The Game (single review)

This single The Game by four-piece all male-band Cold Ocean Lies is pretty great. Honestly, I'd never heard of these guys before now but after listening to this and a few other tracks, they're almost certainly ones to watch out for. This brand of indie rock has been done many, many times and Cold Ocean Lies are offering just that in their own way.

The production on the track is very clean cut, the introduction builds and swells and all in all the track does grow. I do think there is room for the band to hollow out their sound and offer something a little more exciting, and maybe expand on the shoegaze and alternative rock influences. Perhaps they could, in future, offer a different vein of the traditional indie rock, away from the norm - having listened to their other tracks on soundcloud they have the ability to do this and create something really exciting, but they're a bit short on The Game. I really enjoy the vocals on the track and the music does have a rawness that will probably give Cold Ocean Lies the edge over lots of over-produced indie bands. There's a lot of energy stemming from this track and it's sure to make a lot of people eager to hear more, as this band are inevitably going to get a lot bigger soon. Overall, it's been done before, but this is a pretty great single!

(written by rachel tindall)