23 Jul 2015

Devils / Black Clouds (single review)

Opening with a menacing riff that just really means business, you're immediately thrust into the menacing post-Drenge two-piece rock music of new Manc-based band Devils, with no real option of escaping their dark, strutting sound. Owing more influence-wise to the colossal riffing of the likes of Black Sabbath and AC/DC than the more classic rock leaning indie bands of today (i.e. Arctic Monkeys, QOTSA, current Foals incarnation) that they probably sound a bit more like, this is a seriously formidable 4 minute blast of rock 'n' roll.

Black Clouds is the new single by unsigned two-piece Devils, a teenage duo who are already causing massive ripples on social media and beyond with their riff-heavy rock music and distinctive two-piece setup. Black Clouds adds to an already strong, energetic back catalogue by a band with a hell of a lot of potential; you'd be crazy not to earmark the teenage two-piece as a band that could possibly make a bit of a splash in the future of British rock music.

It's not sophisticated, delicate, or even that clever, but this single is an incredibly fun, incredibly memorable, incredibly promising bit of music by a band you seriously need to check out this very second. 

(written by calum cashin)