1 Jul 2015

Drenge @ Glastonbury (live review)

I've been wanting to see this band for a while so when we heard they were performing a secret set at Williams Green on Thursday, I almost burst. The tent was full, people were crammed in for the set, some didn't even know who they were about to see.

The excited murmur exploded when Drenge walked on and people realised who they were, they burst into We Can Do What We Want. The girls in flower crowns left at this point and the mosh pits began. The set was loud, raucous and violent, Eoin and Rory really delivered. Playing songs from their debut and new album, Undertow. For me, Fuckabout was the highlight, a real festival 'sing a long' song. They blistered through the set, this really was the perfect way to start the festival.

(written by Rachel Tindall)