22 Jul 2015

Grim Disco - Give & Go (single review)

Grim Disco, a great four piece from Birmingham, have released their debut single ‘Give & Go’ this last week.This song is brilliant with a bass line that will stay in your head for hours.Singer,David Damms, has a voice that I think sounds as if it belongs in the 80s which is one of the things I love about this song. Although Grim Disco are very post-punk, but the recent 'btown scene' hasn’t entirely escaped them, because in some parts of this track there are hints of fellow brummie band Peace (especially in the oddly catchy basslines). In the song, influences such as Joy Division, The Cure and even bits of early U2 are very apparent to compliment that.

They recently supported Best Friends at their Birmingham show, and judging from twitter, they went down a hit. Grim Disco are quite different from the majority of the upcoming music scene at the moment which is exciting, and I look forward to hearing their next release.

(written by isobel mcleod)