14 Jul 2015

If You're Upset About Kim K Being On The Front Of Rolling Stone You're Either A Misogynist Or A Boring Old Fart

If you hate the fact that Kim Kardashian is on the latest cover of Rolling Stone magazine, you're either a (probably internalised) misogynist, or a boring old fart.

5 hours or so ago, iconic crooner Sinead O’Connor posted a facebook update concerning anupcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine, or more specifically, it’s cover star.

The latest person to grace the cover of the influential mag is Kim Kardashian. Being a businesswoman, model, and absolute MASTER of selfies; she’s never been one to shy away from the limelight. But not without an absolute ton of backlash, of course.

For what is sure to be a positive move in Kim’s career (go Kim!!!!), comes an avalanche of hate. O’Connor, who after some research, seems a wee bit old fashioned when it comes to women being sexual beings in any way shape or form, proudly declared Kardashian to be a “cunt”, and then made it official; Music, which is in no way a sentient being, is DEAD. Shock horror.

It's a shame to see someone as prolific as O'Connor, someone who I ONCE admired, slinging girl on girl hate around like no tomorrow. In a world where girls are brought up to be constantly in competition with each other, to be ashamed of being sexual beings, and to feel guilty for being body-confident or revealing their body,  there's no need for any more.

I decided to trawl through the “BoycottRollingStone” hashtag on Facebook, what I was met with what dire...

"When I was a kid I used to look forward to every issue of Rolling Stone Magazine…"

Fantastic, Granddad. When I was a kid I used to piss the bed. The times have changed, and pop culture has changed with it. Deal with it.

"Can someone tell me what a whore does on the cover of what used to be a great music magazine? She should be on Playboy... not Rolling Stone"

I’m pretty sure Rolling Stone STILL is a great music magazine, alongside featuring other bits and pieces.
So, it's totally fine for a lad-bantering band like Catfish And The Bottlemen to use their confusing amount of influence to ask women in the audience to take their tops off (the request in itself if wrong and sleazy, but if you want to whip it off for the “lids”, fair enough), but as soon as a woman reveals some cleavage (hopefully) with her consent, she gets called a whore, etc.? It's heartbreaking to hear this drivel coming from another woman.

“I ask: Is she a musician? Is she part of a musical group? Is she a producer or a music entrepreneur? ... I affirm she is a pair of prosthetic breast, a huge ass and nothing else...”
Last time I checked, it wasn’t just musical bodies featured in Rolling Stone magazine.

Kim Kardashian is worth more than her aesthetic features, as attractive as they are. She is a successful businesswoman who bounced back from having a possibly life ruining sex tape leak occur, which takes a hell of a lot of bravery. I admire her greatly for that, and I’m sure millions of people across the world do, too.

Also, if I could get my “prosthetic breast” and “huge ass” out and get paid millions for it, I would. We all would. Don’t deny it.

I couldn’t bear to scroll any further down the page. It’s a slut-shaming, misogynistic hate fest, with some occasional, brief relief. I wouldn’t waste your time.

We live in a world where it’s okay for sexual predators such as Terry Richardson to shoot magazine covers as iconic as these, but the second that a woman reveals herself, making the choice HERSELF and NOT TO PLEASE ANYBODY ELSE, all hell breaks loose.

I shouldn’t even have to point out how male-dominated the music industry is, let alone the entire world. None of this would have happened if it were Dave Grohl or the Arctic Monkeys being featured on the cover, but that would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

What saddens me the most is that the same people making all of these misogynistic comments probably starting salivating uncontrollably and clapping like seals when she broke the internet with THAT picture.

(written by Molly Chard)