24 Jul 2015

Lower / At The Endless Party (single review)

The second-sons of the new wave of Danish bands, Lower, have announced a new EP, called I’m a Lazy Son… but I’m the Only Son, to be released in September. A track taken from the EP, At the Endless Party, was released as a preview and a hint at things to come.

An ice-cold piano chord repeats, surrounded by silence, announcing the arrival of a brittle bass-line and skeletal, barbed guitar. A plaintive voice mourns a life of bottomless glasses of liquor, endless smiling faces and a blurring of night and day, alone in a crowd of many. The dread and resentment sweeps up into a bloom of crushing sadness, with tinkling from a grief-stricken piano, before it falls back into lingering silence.

(written by jonah hartley)