26 Jul 2015

Trash / 4 Miles (single review)

Noise pop at it’s finest, immediately throwing you into an atmosphere of happy days, 4 miles has beachy hooks and layers of melodies that make for a warm sound of summer. “tell me what’s life when it ain’t no fun” Trash’s lyrics contain an optimism that is contagious, and make it almost impossible to be unhappy whilst listening to this track.

This song is has a more developed sound than their previous Pretty Swish EP showing the boys progression into more complicated sounds. The recording of their songs are so clean and neat it makes it hard to believe that Trash have only been together for around a year. Trash is pretty misleading as a band name because there is nothing trashy about their music at all; it’s definitely more sparkly than dirty. This a brilliant song from the Chesterfield four piece, and I think they are definitely ones to look out for.

They have their second EP ‘Urban Glow’ being released in August which you can preorder here.

(Written by Isobel McLeod)