18 Jul 2015

Stealing Sheep just put up two new songs on their soundcloud and they're more better and more beautiful than life itself

It probably hasn't escaped your noticing, if you check up on our blog often, that Liverpool psych-pop trio Stealing Sheep are one of our absolute favourite bands at the moment. We gave their Not Real album a rave review, put it #4 in our albums of the year so far post, and wrote a dazzling review of their amazing live show last month.

Now, as bonus tracks for their most recent release, Stealing Sheep have uploaded two brand new tracks to their soundcloud, serving as a sonic treat to any fans of the band, music, and feeling good in general.

The first is called Mountain of Souls, and as you'd expect it features the beautiful harmonies of all three singers in the band (I think). Unlike most of the Not Real album though, which is produced perfectly (and all the better for it) Mountain of Souls is a much more lo-fi recording instrumentally, which makes it a really refreshing listen. Sure, everyone's voice sounds completely gorgeous, but it goes atop instrumentation that is a lot more atmospheric, quirky, and angular.

The second is Setting Sun, which wasn't on the album again, but it's really surprising that it wasn't because it sounds altogether more complete, with much more prominent synths and similarly luscious harmonies. It doesn't quite reach the absolutely mesmerising heights of Not Real, it's - like Mountain of Souls - a really welcome addition to the back catalogue of a band who have, in their fairly short career, already released two nigh-on classic albums.

(written by calum cashin)