19 Jul 2015

Swim Deep / Grand Affection (single review)

Birmingham’s psychedelic dreamers Swim Deep have bought out a new single from there upcoming album Mothers called Grand Affection; a song full of synths and sparkling melodies. Where the quintets debut Where The Heaven We Are had a more guitar based sound all the singles so far from ‘Mothers’ have been electronic and spacey.Swim Deep have always been known for their summery sound, and this is continued in Grand Affection. When speaking about both the album and single frontman Austin Williams has said “There are a lot of gospel influence in the vocals and acid house in the beats. We’ve tried to put a lot of different genres into the album like that.”.This is very apparent and show Swim Deep’s evolution from a typical guitar based indie band to a band with a much more exploratory sound.

I really like this single because it shows the bands new directions, but also includes some of their older sounds, for example where the guitars come through and the synths are balanced out. I think the band have made a bold move in being more creative and trying out different genres because it would have been very easy for them to just make another safe indie album, which is definitely respectable. The album Mothers is out on the 18th September, and judging from the singles released so far I imagine it’s going to be a good one.

(written by isobel mcleod)