14 Jul 2015

Top 5 Hole songs

Hole are one of my favourite bands and really underrated in my personal opinion. This was definitely not an easy decision, but here are my top Hole songs from all over their career. If you’ve never listened then these should be some good tracks to start with, and if you are already a fan of Courtney Love and co. then let me know if I’ve missed any out.

5. Good Sister - Bad Sister (off Pretty On The Inside 1991)
One of the songs off Hole’s debut album which is almost as rough, raucous and edgy as Courtney Love herself. Opening with the title lyrics you are immediately thrown into a raw noise of Love’s shouting vocals and heavy guitars. This is the longest song on the album so has more dimensions than some other tracks, like the drop in the middle of the song where the band’s softer side comes through. A song that is a bit overshadowed by some of the more popular songs on the album such as Teenage Whore, but brilliant nonetheless.

4. Letter To God (off Nobody’s Daughter 2010)
Firstly, this song makes me want to cry, it’s so beautiful which isn’t something that necessarily comes to mind when you first think of Hole. Courtney sounds almost vulnerable and it’s very stripped back. Starting with just broken chords the song is prayer like which adds to the purity of it. A really emotional song that just proves how great Courtney Love’s lyrical ability is.

3. Doll Parts (off Live Through This 1994)
A really dark song off Hole’s second album, and probably most renowned album. The lyrics are very personal as Love wrote it about her insecurities about her relationship with Kurt Cobain. “Someday you will ache like I ache” is repeated throughout the song which highlights the intensity of their relationship.

2. Celebrity Skin (off Celebrity Skin 1998)
A definite anthem in their catalogue off their third album Celebrity Skin. This song has basically all you want in an alt-rock track with great hooks and brilliant lyrics which explains why it is one of Hole’s most popular songs and how it reached top of the US’ Billboard Modern Rock Tracks. Celebrity Skin is a wonderful album as a whole, and a bit more accessible than the first two albums.

1. Violet (off Live Through This 1994)
A ridiculously difficult decision as petty much all Hole songs are amazing in my opinion, but Violet tops it for me. Another one off Live Through This, this track shows Hole’s progression from a noise band to something more melodic. Even with this the song is still full of attitude and edge. Violet is also about one of Love’s relationships, but with Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins). In later years Love describes it as “a song about a jerk” which explains the obvious anger present in the song. Even though it is off the same album as Doll Parts the song is very different, and brings the rougher, heavier elements to Live Through This like the songs on the debut Pretty On The Inside. An insanely great song from an amazing band.

(written by isobel mcleod)