17 Jul 2015

Top 5 Matt Corby songs

Matt Corby is an Australian musician, with a voice almost at good as Jeff Buckley's and music bustling with souls and passion. I don't see a lot of people talking about him, which really should change because he is quite honestly brilliant. Believe it or not he was actually a contest on Australian Idol, let's say he's progressed massively since then. He's a singer-songwriter, yes, but with a bit of a difference that makes him exciting and intriguing. Check out 5 of his songs (unlike most top fives these aren't in any order, just hear them all).

Red Balloon - I found this in the depths of YouTube whilst trying to find a track of Matt's I hadn't yet heard. It's romantic, sweet & tender, the lyrics are lovely ('as the night dos slowly drift away to darken someone else's day') as is the guitar on this track. And the vocals at the end are so hauntingly beautiful. I can only find live versions of this song, but nonetheless it's wonderful. Hear it here

Trick Of The Light - This track is super funky and demonstrates how versatile Matt is as a musician. It's infectious and groovy, there's even BEATBOXING. He growls through the track, soul oozing through it deliciously. There's a blues edge to this one, if it's a hint at what his new material could sound like then bring it on. Hear it here

Souls a'fire - Just about my favourite Matt Corby song (at the moment anyway). It's big, smooth but rough around the edges. Again, it's just so soulful and his vocal range is out of this world, and he shows it off here. You can feel the passion through a studio recording, I can only imagine what he's like live. Hear it here

Untitled - I'm going to bang on about how incredible this guy's voice is again, but seriously, it's seriously impressive. He just hits these huge notes with ease and grace but delivers such raw emotion with that power. This song for me is more about the vocals than anything, and they're astounding so just listen. Hear it here

Runaway - Another new(ish) track that hits you in the face with its energy, power and sheer style. It slowly builds, the layering is great and it just radiates passion. Again I love the guitar on this one, and it's the new sound creeping in. This one shows that the guy knows how to write a great song and perform it brilliantly. Hear it here

So yeah, there's some music for you to have a gander at, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Let's all just hope and pray that Matt releases some new stuff soon, I would really appreciate that. ALSO CAN I GET SOME RECOGNITION FOR NOT MENTIONING HOW UTTERLY GORGEOUS THE MAN IS UNTIL THIS POINT.

(written by rachel tindall)