13 Jul 2015

Vinyl Staircase / Aquarelle (EP review)

On their first few EPs, Dorking's Vinyl Staircase sound a lot like any other indie band, with simple straightforward indie guitar pop, and if you heard the band's output during that period, it would be understandable if you heard them and forgot about them. But now, they've just uploaded their full Aquarelle EP, (it's been out a month or two) and it's here to give you something to get genuinely excited about.

Title track Into The Aquarelle has been floating around online for months and months (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE), and it's definitely the highlight of the EP. It's a storming 4 minute blast of jangly shoegaze a la DIIV and Sunflower Bean, and whilst I have no idea what an aquarelle is, this track takes you there and brings the dinner too.

Float Away is an out and out indie pop song, that owes more to Foals and Bombay than any of the psyched out influences that come through elsewhere. Bright, punchy, and really quite something, it's the closing track, and probably the main link between Into The Aquarelle and the Vinyl Staircase EP.

The other two songs showcase the psychedelic pop of the band in a slower, raspier, dreamier way. Avant Garden channels the likes of Slowdive and No Joy, and Sleep does something similar. They're not quite as exciting as the title track, and next to each other they feel a tad shapeless, but you can't really complain about the whole EP, because it's just so bloody good.

They're only teenagers, but they've already got their own brilliant sound, and their aquatic DIIV-like shoegaze revivalism makes them a new band from that genre that are genuinely exciting. I'm not sure when they'll put an album out, but you heard it here first; Vinyl Staircase are fucking brilliant.


Hear the full EP below.

(written by calum cashin)