27 Aug 2015

Beesley - Empty (song review)

Wakefield’s Beesley are an odd band. They seem to be highly regarded and many people know who they are but they’ve never managed to quite break out from being local, despite having over a thousand likes on Facebook and with individual band members successfully promoting their music over social media sites. Beesley have also proved difficult to trap in one genre and have been described as ‘Indie’, ‘Emogaze’ and ‘Emo Punk’ amongst other things mainly due to the diverse yet forlorn nature of the material they've put out.

Beesley's new track Empty was previously available as a free download sandwiched between two other tracks on their Bandcamp-released Blossom Demo. However, this new version of the 3-minute release is a re-recorded and smoother effort, featuring an alternative, silkier, take on the vocals by lead singer and guitarist James Nager. 

Following recent uploads: Sunshine, Ruin and White Wall, Beesley continue their momentum, merging the use of jangly guitars, emo-rock influenced string bends and chords, plus a cymbal-heavy drum performance. The 4 piece’s main strength is surely the flawless rhythm section; Blue Thorn and Josh Hall’s contributions with drums and bass guitar respectively.  

Beesley’s vocals can be an acquired taste at times, and Nager’s voice frequently lacks punch, adopting a purposefully lazy quality. However this works because of the loud-quiet-loud nature of Beesley’s work, mastered by bands such as Pixies or Bleach-era Nirvana, and should be taken as a compliment by the frontman. The backup vocals on Empty shadow Nager’s main efforts effectively and these details are what provides Beesley with their sound- if you are familiar with the group you would agree that they could release all manner of obscure covers and they would still be instantly recognizable.

Empty is not as enjoyable a listen as Sunshine or Greyscale Sunset, but Beesley’s music has a nostalgic quality which always has you returning for more, and this is very much the case here. 

Beesley’s debut 6 track EP is due for release imminently, but the band have in fact split due to personal commitments so unfortunately this will be their last action as a band.  Regardless, their tunes are worth a listen for any fan of grungey punk music.

Listen to ‘Empty’ here
Find Beesley at https://beesley.bandcamp.com