26 Aug 2015

Dead End Friends / Beat Yourself Up (EP review)

Huddersfield’s two piece Dead End Friends have recently released their EP, Beat Yourself Up. This EP is full of angry grunge and a tonne of noise.

Beat Yourself Up opens with Kiss The Boy; a heavy garage rock song with frontman Danny Sharp’s shouts cutting through the relentless guitar chords, and the chorus in this track is proof that there’s no such thing as too many cymbal crashes.

Second on the EP is I’m Romantic with guitar riffs reminiscent of early Strokes. In the middle of this song the pace eases a bit which puts helps to put focus on the high musical ability of both Danny Sharp and drummer Nick Clark.

Next up is Feel Special, the leading single on the EP and it’s apparent why. This is an excellent song with different layers and techniques which create a lot of depth in just over 3 minutes. Throughout the song there are definite elements of Drenge especially in the beginning with how the drums are introduced on top of the guitar. Towards the end of the song there is a simple but very effective build up into the final section which I can imagine creates an amazing air of suspense and excitement when played live.

Finally the longest track on the EP is Scissors which is a bit more restrained than the any of the other songs. The vocals on this track are quite Kristian Bell-esque which creates a good mix on this EP so all the songs have different characteristics to them.

A great EP that is a lot more complex and developed than a lot of the other more raw, noisy two-piece bands on the scene at the moment. Judging from the quality of Beat Yourself Up, Dead End Friends have a promising future ahead of them.

A digital copy is available to purchase on their bandcamp site