26 Aug 2015

Dollhouse / Laudanum (single review)

Dollhouse are one of my absolute favourite young bands at the moment, making some of the more exciting indie rock about at the moment. Heavily guided by some confrontational drumming, aquatic guitar tones reminiscent of DIIV, and the distinctive vocals of frontman Zak, Dollhouse are a really promising band that get more and more exciting with everything new they reveal, with my personal favourite song being the synth powered Colour Me Blue.
This past week saw the Stroud four piece unveil the new song Laudanum, which sees the band experimenting more and more with song structures as it moves from section to section in a way that is much less verse-chorus-verse than their previous songs.

Thanks to the longer song structure, the song is much more laid back than the likes of Colour Me Blue, making it a lot less confrontational, but equally hypnotic, nabbing elements of the current NYC dream-pop scene and more classic alternative singer songwriter stuff (there's a bridge section that sounds like it could be lifted straight off of the Dreamt For Light Years... album by Sparklehorse). It's less immediate than other stuff, and arguably lacks the same punch, but Laudanum is further proof that Dollhouse are really promising, and also a band that have their own distinctive sound.

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(written by calum cashin)