15 Aug 2015

FKA twigs / M3LL155X (EP review)

After the critically acclaimed and Mercury Prize nominated debut LP1 last year, we see a return of twigs, but this time everything is louder, bigger and more theatrical. M3LL15X sees her break away from the softness and sultriness, while still sticking to singing on themes of love and lust, and exploring more prominent beats and R&B styles, which are more prominent as they once took the background. The name of the EP derives from the name Mellissa, which is twigs’ personal female energy and M3LL15X is a way of separating it from herself.

With two of the five tracks previously released, glass & patron and figure 8, we had some idea of what was in store before the surprise release on the 13th August. Track 2, i’m your doll has been around since twigs was 18, discovering her sound and working with local producers in London, and the EP itself has been completed since November last year, but twigs waited until the touring of LP1 had finished for its release.

in time, track 3 was debuted on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show before the surprise release on Wednesday, where we see a brasher side of twigs, with her repeating “You’ve got a goddamn nerve.”, and the beats used are louder and faster than those that she has used before, and is a great contrast to her work on EP2.

The EP is only improved by twigs’ visual work on it, releasing a 16 minute long video, with music videos for the first 4 tracks, including the previously unveiled video for ‘glass & patron’. Including images of twigs posing as a sex doll and appearances from Michèle Lamy as an anglerfish, it shows that her talents do not only lie musically, but as a performer, an artist and a director, and serves as a great aid to the music, rather than distracting and pulling away from it.

The short-film can be viewed here, and the EP is available for streaming here.


(written by Maya Flew)