7 Aug 2015

Mac DeMarco / Some Other Ones (album review)

Ahead of Mac DeMarco's much anticipated 'Another One' mini-album, here's a review of an all-instrumental outtake album that Mac put up on his Bandcamp for free a month ago... he didn't take it to the label cos 'they'd say it was stupid' - listen to it here

Imagine a day where there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and everything seems wonderful; there is Mac Demarco’s instrumental album, Some Other Ones.This album is full of hazey melodies with the ability to put you into a trance.

Opening with the track Little Pepper, Some Other Ones starts as it means to go on. Mac may be from Canada but there is a definite Hawaiian feel to his tracks with the sliding guitar riffs and relaxed drum beats. There is a similar air of chilled out happiness in both Onion Man and Peters Pickles. Onion Man is the epitome of the slacker rock Mac is known for, and Peter Pickles is just under two minutes of a summery daze.

Where Mac’s songs off upcoming mini LP Another One have depths of emotion that come through, especially in his vocals, the tracks on Some Other Ones seem to have lost a bit of the strong emotion that is usually present in his songs, through them being instrumental. Don Juan is a definite exception to this though, this song has a lot more sides to it that come out with each listen.

However the next track, Young Coconut, sounds like a video game soundtrack, more specifically like some of the music on Wii games.But with a name like Young Coconut the intention could have been to create a childlike sound. In Hachiko synths create a day dream like effect which draws you into a separate world . ‘Fish Terry’ speeds up the tempo on the album and brings it back to life. I like this change in tempo because it adds a bit of structure to the album to stop all the songs merging into one.The next track ‘Hoso Boyo’ has a whistle like element which sounds wonderful,and shows off Mac’s composing abilities. Lastly on the album is Special K which is definitely special. This song is easy listening in the best way; it is incredibly relaxing and could take the stress away from any situation.

I think this album is great in the sense that it showcases Mac’s ability to write songs beyond lyrics and guitars. However I find it the ideas within each track quite repetitive, so the album is more background music than something to listen to on it’s own for me. Mac himself described it as ‘BBQ Soundtrack’ which it fits perfectly. A good album but nothing spectacular, but it is so chilled and brilliantly cheerful.

It's a free download here if you need any BBQs soundtracking 


(written by isobel mcleod)