7 Aug 2015

Somahigh / Tough Love (EP review)

Tough Love EP CD

Southampton's very own Somahigh are an indie rock band that, unlike a substantial amount of indie rock bands making it big right now (the guy from Royal Blood said 'music made with computers isn't real, and can quite frankly fuck right off), have a very definitive electronica influence. And unlike those big indie rock bands that do embrace the electronica, Somahigh don't just embed the odd tune with synthesised soundscapes; instead, the four-piece incorporate a vibrant range of abrasive, loud synths, that give their music a huge amount of urgency without detracting from the pop sensibilities of the songs.

Their first major release is the Tough Love, which will be the first of three massive EPs is named after the title track, which is by far the best thing I've heard by Somahigh, and amongst the best songs I've heard this year. It revolves around a cutting synth and frantic vocals to make a much more aggressive sound than any of their obvious influences.

The other two songs on the EP are a bit more hit and miss - or miss and hit rather - as In Your Bubble is a lot more ordinary than the title track and struggles to stir up any of the emotion or atmosphere, but the EP closes with enough of a redeeming bang in the hypnotic They Don't Look Like Us, which I've got to say reminds me a bit too much of the electro leaning Muse stuff. But despite that, this is ultimately a very good release, and with the followup already recorded, you can't help but feel that this four piece has an awful lot of potential.


you can pick up the EP online as a CD here or from the local music display in Southampton's Oxfam Music - hear it below

(written by calum cashin)