26 Aug 2015

The V2's / You Don't Know Me (single review)

Fuzzy alternative guitar music at it's finest and freshest, You Don't Know Me by the V2's is one of the most exciting songs to come outta the south coast this summer.

Scuzzy guitars, that are halfway between noodly Bebop-Deluxe classic rock and 90's alternative slacker rock like Guided By Voices and early Pavement, beautifully compliment the echoey vocals to create something that's dark, subsuming and overall fun. They hail from the seaside town of Bournemouth, and that sorta sun-drenched sound comes accross in this single.

It's the first taste we've got of a band that have got a bright future ahead of them, and with them heading out to a fair few live dates along the south (have a look here to see if they're gonna play near you).

(written by calum cashin)