7 Aug 2015

Top picks from the excellent DIALS FESTIVAL line up

Taking place in 5 different venues on Albert Road, the Southsea Street home to the Wedgewood Rooms and the Strong Island shop, DIALS fest is an all new multi-venue festival taking place this October, with one of the best line-ups I've seen all Summer (although it'll take place well after Summer's over).

Although the fuzzy scuzzy nationally-successful indie bands that are gonna headline the event are amazing; Brighton's Black Honey and Liverpool's Hooton Tennis Club are both bringing their indie rock to the top of the bill' the best bands on the bill are those local to Southampton and Portsmouth.

Portsmouth's Battery Hens, for me, are a standout from the line-up - their music's a noisy mixture of thrash metal and whirly shoegaze (and we reviewed their rather good Guts EP here), and they're amongst the best local bands on the scene at the moment. Also, being brought to the festival from Portsmouth's surprisingly vibrant music scene is the herculean psychedelia of You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons, the grebo rock of Rickyfitts, and the 'blitz-pop' of CURXES.

Conversely, coming from Southampton - the Springfield to Portsmouth's Shelbyville - are the amazing Melt Dunes, who we've featured a hell of a lot on the blog. Their sprawling live shows are always a treat, consisting of one or two (loooong looong songs) blasted out in their own heavy, dark psychedelic manner - if you're in Portsmouth for DIALS they're the one band you've gotta see. Similarly, Dead Rabbits are a Loop-esque psych band that have toured the world, with their own strutting psychedelic sound.

From elsewhere, dream-poppers Wyldest are a hypnotic live prospect, whilst Kagoule are pretty much the next big thing with their hard-riffing rock 'n' roll. The line-up's completely full of gems, and whilst there aren't exactly HUGE NAMES, the bands you can see on the line-up are phenomenal - and you can definitely imagine the likes of Hooton, Black Honey and Kagoule making it massive very soon...

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(written by calum cashin)