26 Aug 2015

Vapour Trail introduces... 3 bands from in and around the South-West

Ravetank’s main man Nathan Howard, the man behind Son of Jupiter and the former bassist of nofuncl,ub, has been busy giving his Bandcamp a new look, new sound makeover resulting in three new EPs.

Several songs have survived from the projects’ previous incarnation but now have a polished finish to them- ‘Villa 838’ and ‘American Ninja Delivery Girl’ have both previously been posted to different mediums. Moreover, although the new recordings are better than ever before without a doubt, these tracks mentioned are still the ones that shine.

Another track on Ravetank’s initial full EP, ‘Don’t Be a Slave to That Grind’, also featured on Ravetank’s 2014 full length album ‘The Mysteries of Buffaloism’ but the album was removed from Bandcamp following the reboot.

Rewind to June and the first EP including new recordings, Nathan’s ‘Acoustic Renditions’ was a bit of an disappointment due to the minimal recording polishes and the fact that Ravetank can be let down a little by the limited vocal ability shown by the 20 year old- the stripped back format doesn’t suit Ravetank in my opinion.  However, the follow up EPs complete with percussion and bass are the strongest recordings yet for sure and show the production know-how of Nathan, the force behind the project.

Ravetank also plays infrequent local live gigs (in and around Bath) so be on the lookout if you want to catch tracks off of his EPs ‘Novel Songs for Novel People’ and ‘Ravetank’ plus some unique takes on classics such as ‘Mr Tambourine Man’.

You can download Ravetank’s EPs for free here
Nathan Howard also posts additional content on his YouTube channel.

Damaged Goods
Bristol teens Damaged Goods are causing a racket on the local live scene at the moment, with successful dates at notorious venues The Fleece and The Thunderbolt already recorded on their impressive resume.

With a broad range of influences including Buzzcocks, Hendrix and Green Day, Alt rockers Damaged Goods are set to release their debut EP shortly featuring tracks which have been extensively played live over the last few years including ‘Alcohol Assassin’ and ‘Bad Day’. Lead singer Ewan’s charismatic vocals and crunchy chord progressions are the backbone behind some seriously catchy tunes.

The post-punk 4 piece’s infectious, plug-in-and-play, pop songs have earned them a place in the final of the Underdog’s prestigious battle of the bands competition for a thousand pounds, set to take place at the end of August.

Gaining a steady  and loyal following, you can assure that there will be hype come the release of their debut EP towards the end of the year.

You can find Damaged Goods here
Listen to Damaged Good’s preview track ‘Bad Day’ here

The Mirrors
Hailing from the same part of Bristol as Damaged Goods (above), 5 piece Indie-Poppers The Mirrors play to their strengths by utilizing lead singer Maggy’s charming vocals and guitarist Fred Purse’s shimmering 6 string tones.

Combining elements of Dream Pop, Psych and Indie, The Mirrors have some super addictive riffs and hooks in their repertoire, their tracks ‘Strutter’ and ‘Who Will Ever Know’ racking up listens on Soundcloud and their live shows present a hazy selection of well crafted jams, several near to 5 minutes or over in length owing to their psych roots. The group cite unsurprising influences such as Tame Impala and The Flaming Lips, one listen and you would be guess these two would be present , but also more subtle inspirations like Elvis and Mozart. The inclusion of synth and keyboards in their mix, at the hand of Joe Lyon, generates an alluring dimension to their sound.

Although an Alternative group, The Mirrors are not a typical rock band so don’t expect many overly distorted punky moments from their debut EP (although 60s-style fuzz tones are equipped tastefully for effectively-constructed guitar solos). Instead a series of kaleidoscopic and often delicate numbers- this is what The Mirrors pull off expertly and there is sure to be considerable acclaim on future releases.

Following sets at quirky and reputable venues across Bristol- the likes of The Louisiana and the Tobacco Factory, The Mirrors also managed to reach the semi final of the Underdog competition this year. It is plain to see, however, that in 12 months time, they may just have the experience and fanbase to go all the way to the top spot of the contest and beyond.  Watch this space.

You can listen to them on their soundcloud here (including a free download of the song below)
Follow updates from The Mirrors here