24 Sep 2015

Birdskulls / Trickle (album review)

Maybe it's exactly what you'd expect, but the debut LP by Brighton skate punks Birdskulls is an absolutely essential listen, really.

You might know them for their brilliant 3 minute singles Rolling Tongue and Good Enough, so maybe you'd be forgiven for expecting this to be a procession of half-shouted punk rock sung by someone that sounds like they're definitely better than you are at riding a skateboard. But really, in terms of structure and style, Trickle, the band's first full length is full of ambition, skill, and real honed proto-punk perfection.

There's a couple of 2 minute dinner-bringers a la Ramones with attitude problems, coming in the form of the title track and opener Poltergeist, the latter of which REALLY channels Placebo too, teenage angst et al.

On the other end of the spectrum, there's a few longer tracks; final number Coma Hospital is maybe the most brutal track on here, a real hard-riffing number before it fades out to a fuzzy ocean of noise. Again, after a bit of a buildup of emotion brewing, Thursday is also pretty dense with riffs, which are complimented by some fantastic drumming and some jangly guitars that help give the whole thing a range of emotional dynamics.

However, the time Birdskulls are most comfortable and most accomplished is on the ravenous no holds barred could-be-singles - rumbler Good Enough is about as Nirvana as Birdskulls get with vocals and guitar thrashes that channel Kurt Cobain, and Sever is just a really, really solid work of fuzzy guitar rock.

It's a really solid album that doesn't even begin to get repetitive while you listen to it. Birdskulls are an incredibly talented trio, and well, as far as bands that go for the classic 'punk' sound go, this band are the cream of the pile.


you can stream the whole album below

[written by calum cashin]