10 Sep 2015

CASSETTE STORE DAY : 5 releases to make you dust off your tape players

Cassette Store Day is an annual event that's been with us for a couple of years now. Every year, like on the more notorious Record Store Day, bands and labels submit one off cassette tapes that are made available in the UK on this day. Whilst the merits of the cassette tape as a medium are up for debate, there's certainly some really cool releases for you to get your hands on.

Gengahr - A Dream Outside
Arguably the best thing about cassettes, easily beating their sound quality and the fact they degrade dramatically after enough uses, is that they look really wonderful. Gengahr's dreamy indie-pop debut is essential for this reason; look at the beautiful artwork - one of the year's best album covers - and think how much better it'd look on a little cassette. Oh yeah, it's a great album too.

Various Artists - The Secret Seventh 
This is a really ambitious release from the indie label Alcopop! records. What it is, kinda like an old fashioned mixtape, is a compilation of artists that are submitting their music to Alcopop! It will have 7 songs on it; the first 6 the same on every comp - songs by The Orielles, Zooz, Cotillion, Helen Love, Get Inuit and The Spills on each - but the 7th will be a submission from one of the many artists submitting music to Alcopop! There's going to be 50 pressed and a different track on each. Exciting.

Alex G - Beach Music
Philadelphia bedroom artist Alex G's seventh album is out 9th October, and you'll be able to hear it on cassette not long after that by snapping this one up on Cassette Store Day. Expect lo-fi pop gems and a lot of dreamy nostalgia inducing guitar lines.

Girl Band - Holding Hands With Jamie
DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY THIS IS EXCITING?! Rough Trade signings Girl Band are one of the best new bands on the circuit, and their debut is out this month, so CSD gives you a chance to snap it up a bit after it's out. I have no idea what it holds, but it'll be BLOODY GOOD, and probably the number one thing to get on the 17th October.

NARCS are an alt-rock band from Leeds that notoriously recorded their debut album in two days a couple of years back. This release, via CLUE records is a new 'un from the three-piece, and is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

cassette store day is happening in the uk on 17th october
visit the official site for more details visit the official site

(written by calum cashin)