17 Sep 2015

FRANK / Shallow End (single review)

Shallow End / The Hanged Man cover art

Frank’s highly anticipated single Shallow End has arrived! There was a few complications along the way, but it’s here and it’s brilliant. Shallow End is full of all the noise, energy and grunge that you'd expect from the Birmingham band. What more can you want?

Opening with only a few seconds of fuzzy bass Frank go straight into the shouting of “You smoke too much weed / Go cry yourself to sleep”. It is clear why this song took longer to record, mix and master than the b-side, as this track is very developed with it's sophisticated production, distorted riffs and the range of vocals. A lot of angst comes through in the low repetition of “Why do I try?” which makes it easy to compare the band to the likes of Mudhoney and Dirty-era Sonic Youth.

This track is a lot more refined than the original demo yet hasn’t lost any of the original edge. Both Shallow End and b-side The Hanged Man make this debut one to be proud of. Personally I’m really excited to see what comes next from Frank because they’re definitely ones to watch out for.

yr able to buy cassettes and cds of this single which includes b-side The Hanged Man and artwork from Poppy Marriott from their bandcamp

(written by isobel mcleod)