28 Sep 2015

Hinds and The Parrots' double video - reviewed and raved about

Following the hit record store day release, Spanish indie rockers Hinds and The Parrots have released a double video of Hinds’cover of Thee Headcoats’ song Davey Crockett and Parrots’ cover of The Almighty Defenders song All My Loving.

This video encapsulates the wild energy that both bands have become loved for. Marc Oller directed the video and it was produced by Canada; Canada have also done a video for She & Him video with the song Stay Awhile. In the video the bands are shot being together around a skatepark, general streets and it finished in a home as if it was taken whilst a group of friends on a night out. Throughout the whole thing it just looks like fun, and personally I now really wanna go out with them!

With Hinds’ album Leave Me Alone set to be released on January 8th 2016 with Mom+Pop / Lucky Number, and The Very Best Of Hinds EP already out there is a lot of hype around these girls. They’re setting off on a US tour soon with a proposed UK tour on the way in February there is a lot to look forward to.

The Parrots are also a busy band with some solo UK dates as well as support dates set with Spring King and the Hooton Tennis Club.

here’s the link to the video
and here is Hinds’ website for more information about ep and album preorders as well as gig dates

(written by isobel mcleod)