27 Sep 2015

Houdini Dax / Naughty Nation (album review)

Bouncing back from a horrendous few months involving thousands of pounds worth of equipment stolen, Welsh pop-rockers Houdini Dax have been around the block for a few years, showcasing their care-free, ripe anthems, and new album Naughty Nation incorporates elements of surf, indie and pop to create a fun, free spirited record worthy of a few listens.
Apple Tree marks the start of the 10-track collection and it’s fuzzy guitars and distant harmonica voices, make for arguably the album’s highlight, capped off with a noisy solo and some swinging vocal harmonies.
Good Old Fashioned Maniac is a sweet pop tune- vintage vibes ooze from the guitar melodies and charming vocals tinged with an upbeat and summery quality.

The closer and title track Naughty Nation is another outstander, this time capturing lead vocalist Jack Butler’s quality as both a guitarist and lyricist. 

For fans of feel-good, sunny Indie, Naughty Nation is an album for you.


(written by oscar sault)