27 Sep 2015

Introducing Guerilla Toss, the biggest name in mind-melting rage-psych

A raucous cross between warped post-Loveless soundscapes and a throbbing, determined momentum, Guerilla Toss are a band from New York to really get excited about. They're signed to DFA records, who you might know as the label that released the greatest indie rock album of the 21st century with LCD Soundsystem's Sound Of Silver, and are poised to release one of the year's most interesting EPs, in October's Flood Dosed.

As well as Sam Lisabeth's dystopic synth tones, pummelled out to give the band's instrumentation its distinctive sound, frontwoman Kassie Nicholson also helps to give Guerilla Toss a sound like no other, with her frenzied vocals that are somewhere between the yelps of Delta 5 and the sheer anger and frustration of Kathleen Hanna and Karen O at their primal bests.

Guerilla Toss are like no other band you'll hear, with not only a distinctive sound of their own, but also with their long, winding song structures. Their music is challenging, loud, and it certainly couldn't be described as inoffensive, but like NYC forebearers Sonic Youth, Liars and Black Dice, Guerilla Toss push boundaries to make some of the most exciting music you'll hear today.

their flood dosed ep is out october 8th via dfa records
you can listen to it here
and find them on twitter @guerilla_toss

(written by calum cashin)