22 Sep 2015

Sonic A.M. / Magnet (single review)

Sonic A.M are a Holmes Chapel based Grunge Pop trio who have released their second single since a power packed run of August dates at venues such as Zanzibar, Liverpool and Night and Day Café, Manchester. 
The band are influenced by major indie successes like The Cribs and Modest Mouse, and they operate with a strict DIY ethic therefore recording and releasing all their songs themselves. 
The new song Magnet is great. It's full of different riffs that subtly compliment one another - the song notably sounds original and different, this is sometimes hard to achieve with such a strict DIY ethic. The song features an in-depth analysis on music culture in today's society and how this can be identified as almost a product. With lyrics that oppose alternative modern music (which is complimented by heavy riffs) gives the song and listeners a new perspective expertly. 
'Magnet'  takes an effortless insight into the underground music scene in North West America (Portland/Olympia), and this inspiration is portrayed throughout the song. 
With the song due to be released on Spotify & iTunes make sure you give it a listen. They're an awesome band that deserves recognition.
it's a free download here, so you don't actually have any excuse