22 Sep 2015

The Japanese House : an overview of your new favourite artist

The Japanese House: “I didn’t want the mystery to become bigger than the music; I’m not wearing a balaclava”

Amber Bain is the ambiguous voice and creative brain behind The Japanese House. Google searches reveal little more than this, giving her music an intense mystery waiting to be solved or discovered.

I cannot help but wish to plug in my headphones in a dark, or dimly lit incense filled room only to overwhelm my mind with her captivating noise. The whole production of their music seems pretentiously spiritual and soothing. The Japanese House are borderline impossible to describe, but they most definitely incorporate a mix of low ethereal harmonies, layered with enough beats and synths to passionately sway or bop to.

The six singles released by The Japanese House are fragmented installments that create the kind of story where imagination is the only limit. An accurate but horrendous cliché, not even Bain’s produced haunting voice reveals any sort of identity, only originality.

It is not hard to hear the very poppy production of which the culprits are the likes of Mathew Healy and George Daniel. However, this doesn’t distract from the beauty of what The Japanese House have created, simply adds to the pages of an unfinished story. The cover art gives a sense of a dystopian LA or similar location, reflecting the sense that the music they are creating is both pop and the opposite simultaneously. In reflection the Japanese Houses’ ambiguity adds to their uniqueness making them conclusively likeable.

You can listen to some below here - so burn some overpowering incense and enjoy

(written by grace goslin)