22 Sep 2015

The V2s' swirling new video for YOU DON'T KNOW ME is further proof the psych band are ones to latch onto

One of the more exciting guitar bands on the south coast as it is, The V2s' debut single (which we reviewed and loved earlier this month). Full of fuzz that just belongs in 1970's Detroit and some brash, angsty vocals, the teenage band's ode to drunken conversations with strangers just got a bit of a reboot with a video that basically just compliments the band's sound perfectly with lots of swirling psychedelic colours and DIY ghost imagery. And what's more, Mac DeMarco's mum is a fan of the Bournemouth band, so with us and Agnes as their biggest fans, the V2s have got some pretty credible backing.

You can watch the review for the brilliant single below...

listen to more V2s here
they're playing The Joiners in Southampton on Thursday - event page is just here

(written by calum cashin)