22 Sep 2015

The Iain Duncan Smiths / Pig's Mouth Strikes Again (song review)

Tribute bands aren't normally the best place to hear music, but I think with this London-based Smiths this phrase is completely rubbished. The Iain Duncan Smiths are a breath of fresh air; last week we reviewed their debut album, and gave it a might 8.3 score in the process, and already, they're back with more fiercely political antics.

If you've not heard about #PigGate, where have you been? Allegations from a pretty reliable-seeming source have said that our actual prime minister had sexual relations with a pig. That was dead.

The internet's been flooded with jokes and memes, some bloody good, and some just bloody awful. But maybe the best reaction to it is this; Pig's Mouth Strikes Again, the latest Iain Duncan Smiths release. A two minute blast of acoustic fury, this is the perfect way to repurpose an old classic.

What's more, I bet Morrissey thinks it's fucking brilliant.

(check out their soundcloud for more anti-tory pop gems)

(written by calum cashin)