18 Sep 2015

Why you just might fall for The Love Company

At the moment people seem to like their guitars sparse and very slightly jangly, and their rhythms spacious and breezy. If this is the case, you’ll love The Love Company with all your heart.

The most recent project of Ryan Tennant (previously from Drawl, whom there is a very slight chance you may be aware of), The Love Company is preparing to burst into the world with a new album, which, if the demo recordings on Soundcloud are anything to go by, will arrest your mind and flip it round for a while.    

Much of what I have typed could be perceived as flagrant, but I insist that after hearing the weaving guitars and waves of vocals harmonies on May Your Last Days Be Golden, the gently pulsing synthesizers of Go onto Better Things, you’ll only be able to say positive things about The Love Company.

Whilst Ryan has undoubtedly worshiped at the much-frequented altars of Connan Mockasin and Mac DeMarco, songs like Breathe and Interval come as something new, with a ‘post-folk’, almost Coney Island Baby tint.

As an entirety, the Love Company Demos are voluminous and truly individual – even if lots of people are using chorus pedals at the moment, they’re not in the same league. If you listen to The Love Company, you’ll probably like them, and if you like them you can thank them by keeping an eye out for what they do next.

(written by jonah hartley)