18 Oct 2015

Baby Strange live review - we sent the most southern writer we had to see 'em in Glasgow

Being very much from The South made the task of entering a rowdy Glaswegian gig all the more daunting. However, where better to see a Glaswegian born and bred band then at their highly anticipated and largest ever headline show in Glasgow itself?

A dimly lit walk past the barren Glasgow Barrowlands gave the location an uneasy sense of anticipation which all of the best intimate gigs possess. There was something simultaneously beautiful and eerie about this venue

Supported by the tennis outfit wearing  Halafrian who sinned ultimately with their song Cocksuckers and The Lapelles  made way for an explosive evening. A punchy 45 minute set list hinted that the band have yet to their release their first album and saw Baby Strange metaphorically lift the roof of the spiritual converted St Luke’s church.  Engulfing acoustics and a mystical lighting design made the whole experience almost religious.

Classics such as California sun, knowingly winking at the infamously chilly Scottish weather, and Friend made way for the laddsh mosh pit which I anticipated. All in all, Baby Strange were thankful for their home crowd support and clearly enjoyed their time in an unlikely venue.

(written by grace goslin)