20 Oct 2015

Goat aren't Sweden's only genre-fusing psychheads - meet SUDAKISTAN

Sweden, with the likes of Goat and Baby Jesus bursting onto it's scene, has recently become a hotbed for psychedelia from what is sonically much further afield than your average black-turtleneck-and-vintage-guitar middle England band adorning the NME.

However, here's a new band you'll just be obsessed with, from a similar psychedelic realm. Combining near-enough-to-harsh noise with some of the coolest percussion and some reverb drenched vocals, the band Sudakistan are out there and incredible to behold. This is the latest cut from their debut album, titled Concrete Djungle, and it's making us here at Vapour Trail froth at the mouth.

A beautiful bricolage of space age psych and traditional instrumentation, it has the same appeal as Goat, but is maybe just a tiny bit more to the taste of noise fans. Give it a listen here.

Sudakistan's debut album is out 20th November via PNKSLM records

(written by calum cashin)