21 Oct 2015

LCD Soundsystem's Last Ever Show is Something You Can Hear Right Now and You Need To Spend An Afternoon Listening To It

This month, rumours of an LCD Soundsystem reunion flew around like predatory wasps of the palisades out to get us all. It was kinda, not actively rubbished, but the promise of it definitely happening was put right to bed. There's probably life in the old gal somewhere along the lines, and maybe, if we're really lucky as a species, those rumours are only being brushed under the carpet so that when LCD drop their surprise 4th LP next February we're all like, WHOA.

But until then, you can do the next-best thing, and hear the studio quality performance of their last ever show in Madison Square Gardens, NYC. From the tracks Dance Yrself Clean and Drunk Girls opening it up gorgeously, right through to a hammering Moz-like All My Friends, to the curtain dropper; a nine minute long version of New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down where James Murphy sounds almost conversational, laughing off all the 'dramatic pauses'.

It's 3 and a bit hours long, and a document of one of the most perfect bands of all time, choosing to end it all at their peak. A reunion is something we really need, but maybe seeing as LCD are one of those rare bands that existed for a large amount of time without putting out something even close to a bad song, the eternal genius of Mr James Murphy might be less keen than most to revive his most notorious band...

Hear the whole, incredible show here... don't be afraid to cry. No really, we all think it's that beautiful too.

you can buy vinyl copies too, if you know where to look. unless of course, you don't have £80 to spend on something you can hear on youtube. in which case, you might as well tell yourself there are no vinyl copies

(written by calum cashin)