7 Oct 2015

Manchester-based AFFAIRS' new single Brothers - euphoric synth-driven power-pop you need in your life

Synth-pop was something maybe more in vogue in the 1980's, but at the helm of the likes of Years & Years, there's definitely some life left in synthesiser heavy pop music. Whilst maybe too much of this synth-pop does sound like garbage to me, AFFAIRS might have just released one of the most exciting songs of the genre in years.    

It's already out and something you can quite easily listen to, but if new single Brothers is anything then the band that came together a few years ago at Hull University could well be on for major success. It's driven entirely by that brilliant synth sound, and the frontman who is basically Edwyn Collins' sonic doppelganger.

Perfectly structured, escalating at the right times to give a real sense of ecstasy, the band have really accomplished something brilliant with this new single. The right balance between Orange Juice, Depeche Mode and Editors, AFFAIRS are so the ones you need to watch.

stream the single below

(written by calum cashin)