20 Oct 2015

Nasty shoegazing trolls Whirr have been dropped from their label for transfobic slurs, and here's hoping they never get signed again

Sometimes when bands are exposed as having horrible, bigoted members, records labels and PR companies are often all too keen to stay out of it. It should really be their duty to step in and stop people with such views from having a platform, but that doesn't really happen a lot.

A quick example; DIIV's bassist Devin tweeted and 4channed a load of offensive, racist and sexist things, and whilst the media were all over him, very little was taken in the way of formal steps. The band's leader Cole Smith apologized, and we just went on like nothing ever happened; the band have been tainted slightly, but everyone's looking forward to the album. Maybe this is a bit different because Devin's a minor character, but ultimately people in a position of power like this shouldn't be seen as having a free pass to spew slurs at whoever they want.

BUT TODAY, Run For Cover records, a US indie label with the shoegaze band Whirr on it's roster, put its foot down, and dropped them. The band Whirr have been plagued as being US indie music's bully boys for quite a while, but this week they posted the following tweets about G.L.O.S.S, a punk band with trans members.

"Lol @ G.L.O.S.S"
In response to accusations of misogyny: "misogyny is hating women. g.l.o.s.s. Is just a bunch of boys running around in panties making shitty music."

Following this, when one twitter user called them up on it and said that "41% trans people attempt suicide once in their life", Whirr said: "lol attempting suicide. If you're gonna do it, do it right the first time... My mom commited suicide why can't all these trans kids get it right?"

Following these tweets, their record label issued on Twitter that they're "accepting of all people and require the same from bands they work with". They'll never work with the band Whirr again, and following an official statement that'll be out tomorrow, it'll be bloody difficult for Whirr to find a label anywhere.

Whirr need to seriously apologise, because the above comments above are so out of order, bigoted, and have no place in music. Especially seeing as alternative and indie rock music seem to pride themselves on progressive views, it's disgusting that a band can reach such a high position of influence and still hold such horrible views.

Lots of people are standing against Whirr and rightly so. Although I admittedly think their art is alright, they just shouldn't have a platform if they hold such shitty, elitist views. And I for one won't ever listen to them again...

On the other hand, G.L.O.S.S, the band on the receiving end of Whirr's slurs are fucking sick and you can get their demo tape as a free download here. Wait, scrap that, you HAVE to download it

(written by calum cashin)