21 Oct 2015

Orange Revival / Futurecent (album review)

Emerging as maybe the main breakout band at the almost mythical Austin Psych Fest this year, The Orange Revival are a psych band that capture the imaginations of audiences with their sauntering psychedelic swagger and their incredible intensity. On their second record Futurecent, the Swedes have made one of the year's most accomplished works of psychedelic revivalism.

The standout track on this record, Lying In The Sand, is probably their best track to date with it's apprehensive organ part tiptoeing back and forth while the band's guitar hero heaps on the hypnotic swirling reverb sounds - very much like The Black Angels at their best. The band aren't just limited to this sound though; 1999 sounds like the early Brian Jonestown Massacre albums with it's constant forward momentum, and while the screeching guitars of Saturation scream hardcore punk rock, the frontman's airy vocals are just really reminiscent of Anton Newcombe's.

I think maybe the problem with a lot of psych bands is that they're just very routed in the past and ultimately a pastiche of lots of bands that have come before them. This album is really, really good, but for 90% of it, it's exactly, to the note, what a 1988 Spacemen 3 and 1995 BJM collab would sound like. And whilst this isn't really a very bad thing, in fact those are two artists I LOVE, but it's just an album that makes The Orange Revival sound like they just wanna be their heroes - especially apparent in the fact that Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 has produced it, and the Velvet Underground's imagery is pinched only slightly for the cover art...

STILL - I don't want to be a complete killjoy - it's a dazzling psychedelic record and even though there's a frustrating lack of new ideas, it's a really dreamy hypnotic album that is almost everything I love about psychedelia. You can lose yourself in it's droning free flowing structures, and I guess live you can really get into their groove, but maybe for LP3 i'd like to see them mix it up a bit, because this band really has potential...


hear the lead single SATURATION below

[written by calum cashin]