6 Oct 2015

Q&A with brum band BREEZE

In the early morning aftermath to their London gig supporting the thrashy guitar band YAK, I caught up with Breeze (the next band to join the B-Town hype) to discuss band names, debut EPs, gigs and more.

Picking a band name sounds like it would be a really hard process, were there any other names you considered or disagreed over and what made you finally settle on Breeze?
Paul: The hardest part is picking a cool name that's not being used. You search your name over the Internet and always find a band from South America with it.  We was pitching ideas to each other and I said I'd always liked Breeze. Then months later found there is another Breeze (that we try and keep under wraps). Plus it is a very cool name and it's hard to describe gust of wind other than a "breeze" which is cool too.

What made each of you want to in a band and was there ever a certain song, band or artist who made an impact on you? (Like made you think I want to do what they're doing or write a song which affects people in this way etc)
Josh: I have always played in small school bands and have been playing guitar since I was 12! It wasn't till I met Paul tho that I wanted to be in a serious band and actually make something of it!! My main icons from when I was young was always green day hahaha.
Paul: Like Josh I was in bands while in school which was fun gigging around at that age. There's never a certain song that made me want to make music. But a lot of music has made me want to make music that has an effect on people and actually make people feel something which I still aspire to do when writing now.
Jack: Like Josh and Paul I also played a few gigs at school but nothing ever really happened outside of that, I'd had drumming lessons when I was about 8 years old but only for a few weeks. It wasn't until I got to the age of 16 that I realised there wasn't anything else I wanted to do but play music, everything else just seemed boring to me!! There are a few songs that have made me think, if I could be in a band that can write songs and make people feel the way these songs have made me feel then I'll be happy...

So you've recently been in the studio recording your debut EP, is there anything you can tell us about it? Was there any funny or memorable moments from this experience?
Paul: Yeah we love recording when we can. We're keeping our atmospheric vibes but kicking it up a notch with one of our favourite new songs named loosely after a Harry Potter character!
Well, our drummer (Jack) came straight from a night shift to record. It came to the point where he was so fucked, we had a nap break, which was a lot of fun! We had a open string mess where we had to use one of my dirty socks over the top of the strings. Josh wasn't happy.

I know you've been playing a few gigs around Birmingham and London recently but if each of you could go on tour with any bands or artists who would they be?
Paul: SWIM DEEP & JAWS - purely for the fact we're all from the Birmingham area and I think it'd be a great laugh and playing with bands I already love listening to!
Jack: Well my favourite bands are all like metal and heavy rock music so I don't think our sound would fit in with them very well haha! But I guess I'd also have to say SWIM DEEP as well as PEACE because they're both from Birmingham and because they're both really fucking good bands to listen too
Josh: I really rate Haim at the moment! I reckon that would be an awesome support slot! Mac Demarco would also be crazy aha

What has been your favourite live gig experience? Either one you have been to or one you've played at yourself.
Josh: You will never beat your first ever gig! The feeling of playing for people for the first time is amazing. Last night was also really cool, spent a lot of the time with the main band (YAK) backstage just hangin

On the subject of gigs, what were the first gigs each of you went to?
Josh: I think the first ever gig I went to was Bring Me the Horizon in Birmingham haha! I really rate them now, they are crazy good!!
Jack: The first gig I ever went to was Ozzy Osbourne at the the NIA in Birmingham with my dad, he was absolutely incredible and getting to see him perform back in his hometown was just amazing.
Paul: No shame, Elliot Minor.

You guys already have a few songs out on SoundCloud, and out of them my favourite is has to be Sellotape; can you tell us how you came about writing that song and what it's about?
Josh: It was my first practice when the idea for Sellotape first came about. We just sort of laid down some guitar and worked around that. We have a really odd way of writing haha! We just get in a room normally and play until something starts to sound decent

What's your favourite song/album at the moment?
Paul: I have been loving Sundara Karma since Indigo Puff! But I really love Flame at the moment
Josh: I love Marks To Prove It by The Maccabees! That is a great single! I'm also a huge fan of Swim Deep’s new sound
Jack: I'm really liking Bring Me The Horizon’s new stuff at the minute! And Swim Deep’s Hotel California makes for some nice easy listening.

If you could describe Breeze in 3 words what would they be?
Josh: best band ever
Jack: sweaty love bandits
Paul: ambient indie pop

Breeze’s Debut EP is to be released later this year

(questions came from the lovely jess fleming, who you can find on twitter just here)