27 Oct 2015

Starwheel: ones to watch, with their stargazing, astral demos

With that wonderful warped dream-pop feel to their cosmic demos, Derby's Starwheel are already among the most exciting young bands I've heard in a while. This week has seen them upload their first material to their soundcloud page, and where they do have that lo-fi recording quality, echoey guitars not unlike Ride's on Polar Bear and blissed-out vocals set them apart from the rest of the crowd.

Their soundcloud currently yields two demos, which you can stream below, so burn so incense, lie back and let it all overcome you slowly. Drip Feed is a well crafted 3 minutes of fluff-on-the-needle noise-pop, that sounds like Touched by MBV made into a proper song, whilst When I Know is one pulsating long number, channeling a constant hazy, lazy atmosphere for it's whole duration.

The band are only at that formative stage, but the seeds have been sown for them to do something pretty special with these two dreamy demos.

(written by calum cashin)