14 Oct 2015

The 1975 / Love Me (single review)

My distaste for the 1975’s new single is overwhelming. Not to sound pretentious, it simply doesn’t gel with me. Unwilling as I am to admit it, I am an advocate of their first album and EPs but this initial love for their first shot at music has morphed into a form of hate for their newest single. An effortless product of advertising, each and every band member had fans eating out the palm of their pop contrived hands by luring in the crowd with mysterious social media posts. Radical huh? That a band should post anonymous pictures in a mundane attempt to stir up teenage hype. Well no Matthew Healy, I won't follow your orders to Love Me.

I’m surprised that their marijuana jaded heads couldn’t come up with something all the more creative. In essence a part of my 2012 naive self hopes that this single isn't foreshadowing the album to ensue. The sickeningly poppy single makes it not far fetched to believe that it might have even been written for the likes of one direction. All in all, Love Me is not my cup of tea to say the least, but i shall withhold my critical tone until we  see what the rest of the album entails.

(written by grace goslin)