6 Oct 2015

TRASH / Urban Glow (EP review)

The Chesterfield boys are back with their second EP Urban Glow! Trash released 4 miles, a single off this EP, (There’s a review of 4 miles here) back in July which created a lot of anticipation within their fan base for it. 

Urban Glow kicks off with Intro, a short instrumental which creates a cheerful atmosphere using jangly synths and simple guitar chords. It creates a very smooth transition into 4 miles as both songs have a similar upbeat sound. 

Singer and guitarist Daniel Longmore has a style of vocals that sound relatively like they wouldn't be outta place in a Britpop band. Is that just from the band's whole thing being northern? I don’t know. But, whatever, there is a definite 90s feel to the songs on this EP. Similarly to britpop there is a slight pessimism in the lyrics on the third song Drift, “When will I lose the fear? Maybe tomorrow / Maybe never in a million years” placed over tight beats and relentless guitars. To contrast with the not so cheerful lyrics there are a few aah’s in the background of Drift that add to poppy, easiness of this track.
With swirling guitar riffs and catchy melodies, Urban Glow is the fourth track on the EP. This chorus of this track makes you want to dance (like most Trash songs), and I think it will become a crowd favourite at live shows. 
Finally to finish there’s Sad Boys (All I Wanna Do) which is a bit more mellow and chilled out than the other tracks. It’s a great song to end the ep on as its quite simple which puts a lot of emphasis on the vocals. 
Trash are playing a few dates towards the end of October which  judging from this EP and some older songs like Hot Coffee it looks like it would be a fun gig.
Overall, this a good, easy to listen to EP, as there’s nothing particularly heavy on it, but it’s just nice noisy, indie pop.