23 Oct 2015

Warpaint's jennylee released her debut track 'Never' and it's right on point

A bit more raw, a bit less dreamy, but just as hypnotic, the first song from Lindberg's jennylee project, Never was uploaded yesterday. Revolving around some pretty brilliant basslines and some wonderful howled vocals, this is as exciting as anything from Warpaint's whole back catalogue.

Not many solo projects are as exciting as the Warpaint bassist's, so it's going to be incredibly exciting to see where her album, out next month, goes musically. This is pretty much a waypoint between C86 indie and the shimmering dream-pop of DIIV and Beach Fossils, so the hope for me is that it'll be pretty raw and pretty lo-fi, as a nice contrast to the two subsuming Warpaint albums.

Maybe it's also worth noting how damn GREAT jennylee's vocals are here, which just makes you want more and more and more - she howls and it's powerful, yet still kinda on the dreamier side of things. I love this song, and the only thing that I can criticise is the wait to her right on! album is just gonna be too much.

Watch it below. (no seriously do it)

The trailer for the album can be seen here, too.

(written by calum cashin)